Friday, December 08, 2017

What is ‘value’?

Here’s another definition thing I don’t care for: that the word “value” is understood by a lot of people to mean “financial rewards”.

 Value is a very important word which means so many things beyond mere money. It can mean convenience, beauty, help, understanding, communication, anything which is a positive quality in life. If you understand it to only mean “money”, that’s just spiritual poverty.

Why do I care about the changing meaning of this word, like I do with the word “literally”? Sure, languages change, but these words have something in common: 1, they are very important words and concepts. 2, we don’t have anything to replace them with. And we are much poorer without the concepts of ‘value’ and ‘literal’.


Foye Lowe said...

I swear, Eolake, you are beyond reach. I had decided it was time to get to know you more than I do from some of your photography, your DOMAI site, and writings there. Now, raising my nose from my own thoughts-to-silicon efforts, I raise the Google glass to my eye, and, Damn! here are all these philosophical musings, more wonderful photography, paintings, and a multiplicity of sites and postings! I am in complete agreement about value, and particularly the need for stable meaning of terms for critical concepts. I bow. Deeply.

Foye Lowe said...

Whew! Made it through that maze to actually post a comment. REALLY can't reach you, more literally than figuratively, going through those stiles and stairs.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thank you kindly, Foye, really.

(Oddly I did not get the usual email notification about your comments. I really hope this does not happen often.)