Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fuji GFX, the new compact big-format cam

Nice promo video about the new compact "medium format" (big sensor) camera Fujifilm GFX. (What's with the dang X's still? How about a name which hints at what the camera is?)

OK, so eight grand is still a Pro price, but it's much cheaper than a Hasselblad or a Phase One, and getting big-format cameras in more reasonable sizes is an excellent thing.

It seems the finder bump can be taken off if you want to use the screen instead, also an excellent thing.


Ken said...

A camera that if placed on a solid tripod will produce A0 prints that will look perfect from 30cm away is probably not that useful for anyone except a professional. Then for a promotion they have a professional use it hand held which drops the quality off. I can remember from about 10 years ago seeing beautiful large prints in an exhibition that came from 6MP cameras. The megapixel wars seem still to be here.

Russ said...

One of the arguments I hear for getting the high resolution camera is that you can crop from the RAW file and still be able to print large. IMO, that just allows the photographer to be sloppy and not have to get it right in-camera from the get-go.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, my basic attitude is that anything over, say, 20 megapixels is for quite specialized use.