Monday, August 25, 2014

53 Colorized Photos From The Past

53 Colorized Photos From The Past, photo post

Test of the first bullet proof vest. Brave men! 
Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield
Joan Crawford on the set of Letty Lynton, 1932
Pablo Picasso


TC [Girl] said...

Very cool technology; they're very good... Love the one w/Joan in it; very classy...

LOL re: your comment on the bullet proof vests; yes...thems were the days of "real" men...except, when you look at that shot of Einstein sitting in the shorts...w/those almost look like they are a woman's shoe...w/heels!! :-P

That Marilyn sure was a daring gal, for that time period; I'm sure she knew exactly how far forward she could go, before there was a definite "peek-a-boo" moment w/an areola! :-P

Anonymous said...

Test of the first bullet proof vest. Brave men!

I'm not sure it's necessary to test it that way, but hey, it shows confidence in their product I guess.

Jayne Mansfield

Just makes Sofia Loren look like a dog, eh?


Such a long career and he never learned how to draw. Sigh. :-)

Russ said...

I have to confess that upon viewing these images I immediately remembered (with distaste) the period of time back in the 80's when Ted Turner colorized many B&W films including the classic, Casablanca. This immediately "colored" (pun intended) my appreciation of these pictures.

I ask myself, if the photographers who took these pictures had access to color film, would they have used it instead of B&W? I guess we'll never know....

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I guess we won't.
But it seems to me that almost nobody is shooting in B/W today.
And if nothing else, color can be made into B/W must easier than vice versa if you wish.

I grant you there are quite a few images which are much better as BW.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I didn't seen any of those colorized movies, but I recall the Doonesbury Sunday strip (in BW for once) which talked about it. (Cool grey scale art in that strip btw.)

Anonymous said...

The only people who, since the widespread use of color photography, use b/w are pretentious "artists."

emptyspaces said...

Anon: Nah. Some of us actually do it for fun. It's a quite inexpensive way to explore a different avenue of photography.

Anonymous said...

Except the only reason anyone used b/w before was because color didn't exist. To use it now is just because it's "arty." It's why high school wannabe photographers use it.