Saturday, May 31, 2014

Star Wash thoughts

I was just a kid when I read in a Danish sunday paper a big article about Star Wars. So at first I thought it said "Star Wash", maybe because it rhymes with car wash.

So what's the deal with everybody getting a hand cut off? Is that a symbolism I don't know?

They sure look good on blu-ray, particularly the newest ones. I don't really understand those who are not satisfied with cinema video quality, these films were made with some of the earliest cinema-resolution video cameras ever created (they were even prototypes developed in concert with LucasFilm), and the result looks just great to me.

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E. Braun said...

No, they're very bad, and I'm not even much of a Star Wars fan. When I saw Phantom Menace I was looking at my watch every few minutes - I couldn't imagine doing that with the originals if I had been alive to see them.

The effects still hold up very well, but it definitely lacks the feel of the real thing - it looks like a very well done video game. For a video game, that's fine. For this, not so much.

Part of the problem, too, is that because of the use of the green screen you have a kind of soap opera or sitcom feel - a good chunk of it is people sitting on couches, and alternating between Camera 1 and Camera 2.

There are a few moments that are decent, most the lightsaber battles, but even those have a too-choreographed look to them, the less polished stuff from Empire and Jedi is much better.