Friday, May 02, 2014

Camera comparison site has made a new site (link leads to a tour, read the grey boxes) which seems tremendously promising, a site which pulls out the most pertinent comparison points between any two of the cameras they have reviewed (and they review many).

I'll say serious photographers need more knowledge that can be gained from this site, but it may save a lot of time reading reviews. For example, these days I would probably not buy a camera without any in-body stabilization (the new Leica T comes to mind, or the otherwise excellent Fuji X cameras), but it may not be mentioned upfront in a review. But this site should bring basic facts like that out in silhouet, so you know whether to invest more time on researching a given camera.

Plus of course it should speedily give you the main differences between two models, whether from the same brand or not. This can often take a lot of time to dig up, so if they've done this site really right, that's gold.

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