Friday, April 25, 2014

"Heavy Metal" on blu-ray

So, Heavy Metal is on blu-ray. Of course I had to have it.

If you know it and didn't like it, ah well, it was not for you.
If you know it and liked it:
It looks great on blu-ray, and there's a good documentary of the Making Of.
And the music track and the film holds up amazingly well, despite the age. It really does. Go get it.

If you don't know it:
It's a 1980 animated film for adults. Adult guys, to be specific. But not modern "sensitive guys", if you feel guilty about liking graphic violence and lots and lots of boobies, albeit all animated, this is not the movie for you.
If you like animated eye candy, like SF and fantasy, like hot babes and tough heroes, like alien villains being cut to pieces with green blood flying everywhere... and if you like the most beautiful and sexy Dressing scene ever animated, don't wait, get it.
(The vid below gives a taste of it, but doesn't have the graceful, realistic movements. They drew their dream girl as Taarna the warrior, then asked around at model agencies and found a girl who looked like her, and filmed her doing the scenes as basis for the animation.)

Sure, it's simple stories, and it's male fantasy fulfilment... but aren't books and movies full of that? (Or, of course, female fantasy fulfilment.) Isn't every action movie at essense, battle and babes?
Well, there's nothing wrong with a tasty snack sometimes, so long as we don't confuse it with a balanced diet.

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