Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jessica Ambats - Aerial Photography

(Recommended to click the YouTube logo and use the full screen selector at bottom right of the frame.)


Ken said...

Recently had a short plane flight to get to the start of a walking track, and it was amazing. Got good photos given that I was shooting through glass and it was hard to keep the wings etc out of the image. Would be fantastic to shoot from a properly setup plane or helicopter but would be looking at a minimum several hundred dollars per hour. Not for amateurs.

TC [Girl] said...

This was wonderful, Eo; thanks so much for sharing! So cool!! :-D

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks, TC.

Ken, yes you are quite right. It is a pity because this would be very cool to do but like you say it's incredibly expensive and also very hard work if it done to the full. It's not something you do without a very strong motivation and preferably remuneration.

If we disregard air to air photography, I think we have something more approachable. Some people have successful careers shooting from ultralights. For example those people photographing crop circles. Also, drones are developing into something that will have very big potential.