Saturday, February 22, 2014

BIG pics!

I have been complaining for years and years (it's not so bad as it was) about 95% of the images on the WWW being way too small.
Now this is how to do it! Click on the Plus icon, and the image of the gorgeous wing desk fils the whole screen, even on a 30-inch monitor, and not being scaled up either. Excellent.
When you're selling something expensive, of course you want to give people large, clear pictures of it, unless it's crap.

It's from Restoration Hardware. And if the desk seems familiar, it's probably from 2.5 Men.

By the way, RH has a big, beautiful PDF catalogue which you can get for free. (Actually I forget if it's just an iPad app, or it's for Android and computers too.)


TC [Girl] said...

Very cool...the desk and the larger image feature...

Anonymous said...

On Chrome / Linux, no 'plus' sign? Just needed to click on the image itself?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks, that's a pity, people may not think of that.

On Chrome on Mac, the plus sign is there.

Anonymous said...

Here, on Debian linux (version 7.4) it works perfectly using Iceweasel aka Firefox 24.3.0

I think "flickr" and the other image site should take note !

Anonymous said...

How many people actually need a 30-inch monitor?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Not many *need* one.

But things are getting bigger and cheaper. When I started in the mid-nineties, a 21-inch monitor was a very expensive rarity. Now, the smallest iMac has a 24-inch monitor.

And for me, getting a 30-inch monitor turned out to be a big boon for my work, and put photographs in a whole other dimension I'd never seen before.

But it all depends on needs, wants, and budget.