Monday, January 06, 2014

Talking about LED light...

I've bought a small flashlight, a LED Lenser P5. But just like with so many other things, these days "small" is not synonymous with "weak".

I love quality tools of all kinds. Quality just gives its own pleasure, no matter the purpose. The P5 is not "Walmart priced", but to me it's easily worth it.

This flashlight, believe it or not, only takes a single AA battery. That lasts for about 3 hours. It seemingly only has one LED, but man, can that put out the light. I remember a big flashlight I had many years ago. It used three batteries, of the big, fat ones. When the lights were on, that one could just give a rather weak lighter spot on the wall. But this one makes a big, very even, bright area of light.

Lookkit this tiny thing. It comes with a strong nylon holster, which can sit on a belt for example, and it has one of those closed metal hooks mountaineers use. 

These are taken with the light zoomed out, and zoomed in. The light from this small flashlight is so good that in the pictures it looks like the room lights were off, but they were not! I was 5-6 feet from the wall.

They say this puts out "105 Lumens". LED Lenser has many models, the biggest, X21R is huge, costs over $400, and puts out... 1600 Lumens!! Wow, I'd like to try that one. That must be for searching for lost people in the woods and such.

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Bruce W. said...

LED flashlights are clearly superior to the alternatives.

I carry a very small Fenix E01 on my key ring. Single LED, AAA battery, and it puts out more light than any standard flashlight I have ever had.