Friday, January 17, 2014

January Darkness

(Click to see texture.)
Kindle Fire HDX camera, dull light. Photoshop tweak. 

Was a bit under the weather today, very low-energy, so I spend most of the day in bed, reading, trying to rest, etc. I tried this camera app I got for free on my Kindle Fire. And it quickly turned up (I had never intended to use the camera in the KF, so I never thought about it) that it only has a forwards camera... And the room was very dark.

And since the sensor in the KF HDX is about a quarter of the size of a müsli flake (it's only meant for chat), the picture got very dark and grainy. I thought that was fitting, so I turned it up in Photoshop, and got this cool, almost electric grain effect (most visible in the full sized image). And a dark picture. Hey, we should embrace that sometimes.


Bruce W. said...


Russ said...

The younger digital photogs who never cut their teeth on film will often see noise/grain as something to be eliminated via Photoshop or Lightroom.

Back in the day, many photographers would choose a particular film stock for the quality and character of the grain.

Myself, I was always partial to B&W Tri-X 400 and T-Max 3200.

T-Max example:

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Here are a coulple of grainy pics from yore (film incidentally developed on that Rodinal developer we talked about recently which gives high edge sharpness, but rough grain):

and: boat-grainy

Russ said...

Very lovely picture! I have to admit that I like the standard shot a little better only because if I have to choose between two identical shots, I usually pick the darker, higher contrast one. That's just my preference.

If you don't already have this shot printed, framed and hanging in a place of distinction in your house, then something's wrong! :D

Stanley Leiber said...

You need to shave and hit the gym, man. Hard!

TC [Girl] said...

the sensor in the KF HDX is about a quarter of the size of a müsli flake


basil said...

Good God Eo! The last time I saw a face like that was in a funeral parlour. The guy was in a box and his widow wore a big smile! Sláinte, Basil.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you work from home.