Sunday, January 26, 2014


I need to pay a tiny import tax from a nice portable keyboard I bought from the US.

I look over their various payment options. After I get it sorted, one thing is clear: I can't pay them online! And after I look around a bit on their site, this is confirmed, they even say it directly: "Please note: We currently cannot process payments online, so please choose from one of the options above."

As the kids say: WTF? I had online, automated payments in my one-man business in 1998! And apparently FedEx either can't figure this out, or they choose to let thousands of their customer have to wait til business hours and sit in a phone cue, or other less attractive options. Sigh.

I like UPS better. They just ask for cash when they come with the parcel. Bleep-bup-done.

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Ken said...

My impression is that most carrier companies view the retailer as the customer, so they don't care that much about the problems that the packager receiver has.