Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Another solution to macro: the Zoerk Makroscope Type 1.

I've long wondered why we didn't hear of high quality close-up front lenses like this. (Basically just a loupe for the camera.) But of course for really high quality, you need aspherical lenses, which are expensive, but has become much less so in recent years, and this lens has two of them. And it will works with a lot of different lenses and cameras. (so long as the lens front is not too big.) The quality will remain at the quality your own lens has, this is a very good product. Of course, being that, it's not a cheapo thing either, around $400, plus a converter ring if your lens doesn't have to have a 52mm filter thread.

The photo below was taken by a simple Canon G3 "compact" camera, with the Makroscope. So it's also a road to makro without an exchangeable-lens camera.
(I hear it can also be combined with macro lenses to get even closer than one to one.)

Photo by Knut.

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neeraj said...

... wow!

I was always enchanted by macrophotography ... when I had my old Minolta 110 Zoom SLR (I told you once, I had it in the eighties) I've experimented with selfmade makro lenses ;-) Not overly successful I think now, but it was exciting for me.

I would love to explore the possibilities of this lens with my Lumix FZ150 (which has even a 52 mm filter thread), but I'm afraid right now I can't afford it. But who knows the future ...

Thanks for making me aware of this beautiful lens!

P.S.: BTW, my favorite picture of your "Novemberlights" is the very first one :-)