Sunday, September 29, 2013

Victorian PC

[Thanks to Bert]

Datamancer (who built my keyboard) does it again, his best ever.
How would you like a PC which is not just extraordinary, but unique?
It is $14k at least, but that's a fair price for the Victorian Steampunk Computer. (Aution ends Oct 8.)

It's a working machine, but they are waiting with installing the actual PC until sales, in order that it should be up to date.

This is ridiculous, just look at the mouse and mouse-pad:

"The mouse is made from an old morse code telegraph "clacker".  The mouse pad is a custom-built pad with a gold foil map under glass. The main key of the mouse is actually where your wrist would sit and 
the two bolts further back are the mouse buttons."

Just the table alone is amazing, I'd love to have one.
"The table is scratch-built and covered in black leather vinyl with approximately a zillion brass rivets. The table legs are cast-iron legs from an old Singer sewing machine and are built on hinges so they can fold up"

I don't have the space for it, otherwise I'd be tempted! (He could probably put a Mac Mini in it.) But I really hope that this amazing work of art finds a good home, where many people can see it too.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand this kind of shit. I'd pay $14K to put a hit on this guy.

Dave Nielsen said...

Looks like he ended the listing. No one was willing to pay 14,000 simoleons for it.