Tuesday, August 06, 2013

DAS Keyboard

I just got a Das Keyboard. ("The keyboard" in German.)
You can find lots of reviews, so I'll just say: you know how sometimes you get something so good that you just want to use it? This is like that.

This is noisy due to the wonderful mechanical switches (not rubber domes as cheap keyboards have), but not as noisy as my old Matias keyboard (which is also great). There is a new, a bit quieter model of the DAS, but they have to compromise to make that, so it does not have quite the same feel.

This thing just feels so precise and smooth and lovely. And it lets me type exactly as fast as I can get my frontal cortex and fingers to move.


Anonymous said...

Hope you like it. I have had one for a year or more now. I chose a variant, but love the key action. So crisp and clean.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, just so. I have owned over a dozen keyboards, and no feel has been like this.

Dave Nielsen said...

I just got a Das Keyboard. ("The keyboard" in German.)

Yeah, everybody knows what "Das" means. Even Voltzwagon uses it in their ads, "Das Auto." :-) "German quality you no longer have to be in Luftwaffa to appreciate." "Lightning fast overnight delivery."

I might have to get one of those keyboards, I like the idea of having the switches instead of the smushiness of most keyboards.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I'm trying to be careful with assuming what Everybody Knows.
For example, after Amazon had been a powerful presence in my, and I assumed, everybody's life for over a decade, I found out that an educated and web-using friend of mine didn't know what it was.
A few years before that, I talked to too very intelligent and generally very well-informed friends of mine, and I mentioned Nanotechnology. Neither of them had heard of it.