Sunday, November 28, 2010

Small Finder rant

OK, here is just one of these small rants I have to make occasionally about the universe in general, so I won't boil ever:

13,975 times in the time I've been using Mac now, I have intended to put a file in a folder and failed. You can drag it to the folder icon and you succeed, or you can drag it to the folder name and you succeed. But if you happen to drag it in the two-millimeter space between the two, the file just sort of ending up sort of sitting in the same space as the folder, and you have to separate them to try again.

Why the hell haven't they closed up this stupid little gap? What use is the gap? How many times have somebody somebody thought: I want this file to sit exactly between this other folder and that folders name, and nowhere else...
Come on, Apple. This is like the big-vertical images for wallpaper issue which it took you eight years to finally fix.


Ray said...

Thank You ! It's nice to hear you say something about Apple that isn't patting them on the back so hard their false teeth fall out.

My friend the former Apple dealer says, "Apple makes mistakes just like everybody else - they're just better at covering them up and re-writing history."

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Well, that's disingenuous. They all do that.
Apple just make fewer.
I've written about some of them several times.

M. Pipolo said...

I can't say I recall ever doing this in my 10 years or so using Macs. Then again, I've been using exclusively column view in Finder since upgrading to OS X.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I use list view, column view, and icon view, all depending on use. Icon view I use mainly when manipulating things on the desktop, or on looking through a folder of pictures. (the biggest view is a very large thumbnail indeed, very useful.)