Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mate making amongst the well-off

Thanks to Ian from SA for this. I think it's interesting. And honest. Be sure to read both sides of the conversation.
(A Rand is currently about a seventh of a US dollar. So she's talking about for $100k/year. Not excessive.)

 ... A funny thing is that the girl only stipulates income, not how much of it he would be willing to spend on her... Just because a guy is comfortable does not guarantee he's willing to buy swimming pools and mink coats.


Unknown said...


Yes Eolake, by comparison with the rest of the world, it takes far less cash to 'procure' a South African wife.

SA has some amazingly pretty & talented girls - look at the Hollywood actress, Charlise Theron for instance!

In general I think SA men are spoilt for choice. It is said that there are seven girls for every man in this country!

So bring your Dollars and Euro's and settle here for a while. Chances are you will meet the girl of your dreams and never want to leave our shores. I was born in the UK and can vouch for that {:<)

SA is a world tour in one country & I can direct you to a myriad of websites to prove it. I live 3 minutes drive from hilly wine farms and 1 hours drive from a game reserve with the big five. Hey, in the other direction the beautiful city of Cape Town is only 17 miles away. Unbelievable you say! Write me on Ian.

Ray said...

Dear Old Granny used to say, "A fool and his money are soon parted."

This all calls into question the old saying that goes, "A girl would rather have beauty than brains because guys can see better than they can think."

The war between the sexes was never fought on a level playing field.

carl carlson said...

Take it easy there, Ian. You're going on like Eolake about an Apple product!

Anonymous said...

This bitch is only putting in writing the way so many people think.

Anna said...

Interesting. This girl thinks the main thing she can offer is her beauty. Being spectacular does probably lead to this thought. It makes me feel happy I am not spectacular: I think it lead me to value myself more than that... :)

I do respect her honesty, she's organised in her research, I think she will find a good deal. :)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Indeed, we stunning people constantly have to work to get beyond that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Beauty is all people care about. It's great if you've got other qualities, but without beauty no one will care. That's a sad truth, but it is truth. Only ugly people deny it even though they really know it's true.