Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Lay Lady Lay hour

... It's The Lay Lady Lay hour, children. Can you say "avant garde rock"? I knew you could.
Try 'em, they are very different, but all awesome. The second one is hard industrial rock, in case you don't know Ministry. (If you like good hard rock, you should.)

Original Dylan version is here.

"Here" did the third one, it's on a fabulous collection called Wish You Were Queer - A Tribute To Ministry (iTunes link) by various bands, so it was inspired by Ministry's cover above, not Dylan's original. (Well, both, actually, since the melody is closer to Dylan's.)

Check out Meg Lee Chin's version of Scarecrow too, amazing.
There is a second similar Ministry tribute anthology, called "Another Prick In The Wall" (Amazon link)... I think the titles themselves are a kind of tribute, to Ministry's typical titles based on excessively lame puns.


Marcelo Metayer said...

Hey Eolake, don't forget the Duran Duran 1993 version!

TC [Girl] said...

This one actually gets my vote; it's the era of music that I grew up in that is probably influencing me. :-) Thanks for remembering this one... :-)

Eo, the Dylan link has been blocked; here is another link to same... :-) Even though I have never been a big Dylan fan, I quite like the lyrics in this song... :-)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Ah, thank you.