Monday, February 11, 2008

Bridge City Tool Works and Luminous Landscape

Bridge City Tool Works Foxtail Shoulder Plane commemorative tool.
This is just an astonishing piece of craft.
To really appreciate it, download the PDF brochure (6.5MB) and zoom in on the high-def images.

I heard about it in the latest video journal from Michael Reichman interviews Jay Maisel, a veteran photographer and artist who inhabits the whole of an old bank building, seventy-two rooms filled with his pictures and tools and studios. Amazing.
(I can't believe he owns a whole building in Manhattan, and a building which does not bring any income in itself because he uses it all personally. How does he afford that? Just the property taxes and the heating must be huge.)

TTL said:
"That sure is a nice instrument. But I went to and couldn't find the video you mentioned."

No, considering that the video is supporting the web site, the site navigation lets it down a little, the downloads are not always easy to find (at least I can say that I've had trouble, and I've been buying on the web for over a decade), and the new issue is not mentioned on the main pages for days (at least this time around).
It is here.
And I found it via the News page, which is the best way to keep track of LL, which often has much to interest the serious photographer.

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Anonymous said...

That sure is a nice instrument.

But I went to and couldn't find the video you mentioned.