Thursday, January 25, 2007


I have just decided that "Decepticons" is my favorite song ever.
Get that and more great music for free at the musician's site


laurie said...

I'm playing it now. My cat loves it. He likes the beat. He's rolling around on the floor right now, floating on his back to the sound. Maybe he's had some catnip and I didn't know it. He looks kind of funky.

laurie said...

as someone said elsewhere
he's got the wave and the drift.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Trust cats, they have taste.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is real cool!
It would be even if I weren't a huge Transformers fan. :-)

But knowing you, Eolake, I'm betting that "greatest song ever" title won't hold eternally. ;-)
Sooner or later, a versatile bloke such as you is bound to find something even better. (And share it with us.) You're too much in the "music Galaxy" to quit exploring merely because you seem to have found perfection! :-)

"To infinity, and beyond!"

Anonymous said...

Eolake said...
"Trust cats, they have taste."

Yeah, well... my previous cat just HATED it if I whistled softly, or blew even a single harmonica note. Not all music, just these particular sounds. He made it VERY clear. His loud snarl sounded like "Stop this right now, or so help me, I'll..."
I never tried to find out "you'll what?". You don't mess around with a reincarnated wakandan black panther, even if it loves you. ;-)

The cat I have now simply doesn't mind. As long as it doesn't sould like a mouse trying to scutter. Or small children stampeding.
I'm listening to the piece right now, and he's sound asleep right next to me. "Nope, nothing to notice there. Zzzzzzz!..."
And HE's the reincarnation of a majestic Bengal tiger.

So, Dr Stobblehouse, tell me, what does it mean in the end? It seems their taste greatly varies.