Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I'm a bit curious about exactly how good the 5MP camera in the iPhone 4 actually is. If it doesn't have serious weaknesses it might actually be the take-anywhere camera even for serious users.
(Of course it does lack a zoom for one thing. I don't give a pot of wee for "digital zoom")


Philocalist said...

Will be interesting to see a comparison against the photographic capabilities of other camera-phones too ... it's probably the prime criteria I use when I upgrade a phone, assuming that I can make and receive decent phone calls too :-)
I've been using an LG Viewty for the past couple of years, with a 5MP camera, that was / is still classed as being amongst the best.
It gives decent enough pics for snapshots, but an old Canon digital 35mm camera with the same 5MP resolution is (unsurprisingly)light-years ahead in quality terms, due no doubt in no small part to the lens in use and the much larger sensor.
HD video @ 30fps has been great though!

That said, to make any comparison worthwhile / qualitative, perhaps the results produced by the camera-phone judged to be best should be compared to a known 'good quality' source too, simply to enable people to put the results into perspective a little easier?

eolake said...

Yes, I think so. Pocket-camera pictures are astonishingly good these days, not the least the small Canons. And like you say, even though their sensors are much smaller than, say, a DSLR camera's, they are still much larger than the one in a cameraphone.