Saturday, June 12, 2010

Smart phone promotion

I got a pretty effective mailer from my Danish mobile phone company (I keep an account there for when I visit the ol' motherland). It had color pictures on a letter-sized page of nine smart-phones, with accompanying prices (it seems they sell them without a contract, which I don't see often in the UK or US) in bold, red letters. That's the first thing: by making the prices big and red, they are communicating that the prices are something they are proud of, not something to hide. (Currently the Danish Krone runs about six to a dollar, which is typical since many years.)

Each phone/price has in small text several "desired monthly payments" you can choose from. This makes you feel like you "desire" to pay something, you just have to make a choice.

The same is true by setting up several different phones at various price and performance levels: you feel like you have already decided to get a new phone, the only job now is to choose which one. Very clever.
And they have even gone to the length of making a line at the top saying "yes, I want to order a new phone at a desirable price", with the box already checked!

I think their only small mistake was in putting up nine phones. There's no way I can get the feeling that I'm informed on all of them. If they had used only three or four, the choice would have been much easier, and you would still feel like you have made an intelligent choice of sorts. Which of course you may have, or you may not, it's only important how you feel about it, for them to make the sale.

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