Friday, June 11, 2010

Henley talks

TCGal also points to an interesting interview with Eagles' Don Henley, by Charlie Rose. (Rose is a good interviewer, he is always prepared and knowledgeable, and he is interested in and respects his subjects.)

Don talks about many interesting things, for example Emerson's outstanding Self-Reliance essay (not having gotten my education in the US, I only started hearing about Thoreau and Emerson by reading Doonesbury, and this essay got me more interested).
He talks about stalkers as being something that every celebrity has to face (didn't know that, like Don says here, they don't talk about it), and he advices people to center their universe around something they are doing, rather than around him or any other famous person.
Also, I had the feeling that the duty of having to play Hotel California in every concert would be a duty that he bears gracefully, even though it has to be very, very tiring, and indeed it turns out that it is so.  He acknowledges that it's his job, the song is very important to his fans who pay his livelihood, and to deny them the song just because he's personally tired of it would be arrogant.


Robb in Houston said...

Just WOW - fantastic interview with
Henley. Reminds me of myself, only I don't have the high publicity he does.

He's very talented, and very humble as well as business oriented at the same time.

Thanks for posting this!
I captured the video and will watch it again very soon.

And yes - I put the Eagles on the outdoor speakers earlier. Also played Hamster Dance, but went back to Eagles afterward.

TC [Girl] said...

Yups! That was one of the best interviews I had ever seen on Charlie Rose. And...if I haven't already said this (lol!), I find
Don Henley utterly fascinating. At first, he appears to be his stern "snob" (probably just shy. I've heard that of others who aren't, whilst performing.) you say, I think that he's a true professional. That is pretty clear in his art, yes? :-)

And, OK, Robb...stop teasing us; how does he remind you of yourself?

"Hamster Dance"! lol! Care to share? Sure hope you cranked that outdoor Eagles and shared 'em w/the neighbors! ;-)

Robb in Houston said...

He reminds me of myself, because I was shy as a kid, and wasn't really a fighter - unless I really had to.

Just the typical creative type with a reserved personality...

Yes - I played the Eden album and shared it with many people around.

I have a single CD with Hamster Dance on it - and also played that too. Makes people laugh.

Go to UBoob and search for 'Hamster Dance', and play it as loud as you can.

Just for the halibut.

TC [Girl] said...

Watched this, (I wonder if you can see it? Sure hope so! It's not up in its entirety, on uboob, yet.) this afternoon (Back out; can't do much else!). Thought it was quite interesting. Smart cookie...wrapping a sport around a topic so peeps will pick the book up re: what he really wants to talk about! That's this 'Moneyball' movie that's out w/Brad Pitt in it. One Brad Pitt movie I prob won't watch but I might read Lewis' book just to better understand the whole subject!