Saturday, June 12, 2010

The role of the 'pad

I'm listening to a few MacNotables podcasts while relaxing. They're often good. Sometimes an interviewee will weave rather more on a point than necessary, because they are still thinking it out. If transcribed into an articles, I think many talks might be cut down considerably in wordage and keep the point. But I suspect that's true of most people being interviewed who are not either stellar or highly experienced in it, n'est pas?

Jason Snell makes an interesting point in this talk. They touch on the point of how clearly the world is still trying to figure out what the iPad "is really for". And usually that's a danger sign, because even amongst tools, the Jack of All Trades is usually Master of None. But not always, hey just look at the personal computer. And Jason makes the point that maybe there are many tasks that we think of as Computer Tasks, which are really Internet Tasks, but so far we've only had the PC/laptop for them, so that's how we think of them.

I think that's a very good point. And further supported by his use of the word "task" for it, such a computer-oriented word, I think "activities" embraces it better. I think in a couple of decades, the Net will be so interwowen into our lives and across so many different kinds of devices and activities that the idea that in the beginning the Net was limited to a "personal computer" will feel rather alien.

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