Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Xray iPhone

Xray iPhone. If you buy this, I'll bet you also bought those "xray glasses" when you were young. (Actually I did. Rather disappointing.)


Alex said...

Who hasn't thought of writing an app which can take "point of interest" data from a image, convert it to a wire frame, and then reconstruct with a different textured surface.

I'm sure such stripping software could work on a PC, I'm not sure if an iPhone has the compute power to do it as smooth as they show here though.

I think a more challenging application would be a layered strip, one that would allow you to say take of a V neck sweater and reveal the blouse below, or to animate lingerie with lacy textures.

If you want to commission such software, we can work out a rate, and I'll see what sort of team we can pull together.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I've always been curious: what were these x-ray glasses actually like, exactly? I've never seen any myself, not even in ads.

However, I remember having a lot of fun once in school with a pair of colored 3d-viewing glasses for anaglyphs. Made everything red or blue seem electrically contrasted. I claimed it allowed me to know a girl's sexual "hotness", and many of my comrades believed it, and were very impressed. :-)

With an early conning gift like that, I should've gone into politics!

Alex said...

They basically made everything look like you were seeing silhouttes behind a lace curtain. Bascially accentuating curves. We knew they didn't work, but we wanted to see how they didn't work.

I got my pair through a joke catalogue which had a full money back guarantee.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

They are explained here.

I was amazed that some of my friends actually looked at their hand and said "ew, I can see the bones!" I guess they didn't know what bones look like.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Was that money back guarantee one of the jokes? ;-)

"We knew they didn't work, but we wanted to see how they didn't work."
LOL! I guess this explains a lot. Sometimes, being fake CAN bring a commercial success. "I'm willing to pay a buck to know HOW this is fake!"

"Bascially accentuating curves."
Hey, this does sound rather cool. I think I'd like a pair.
I'd call them "infrared specs", and claim they're the same as those new airport scanners, and these "undressing cameras" that were debated in the media a few years ago. ;-p
The con-meister strikes again!

I actually have a pair of holographic glasses that make it seem like I've got skulls for eyeballs. I think they're also guaranteed "UV protection".

"I guess they didn't know what bones look like."
Yes, it's not actually a bone! :-)
Well, not in humans, at least.
"We humans don't NEED a stinkin' bone to be hard! BOOYA!"

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I used to read the oddball adventures of Ray and his X-Ray Specs in Buster, which whe received in Lebanon until the end.
But I liked better the illusions of Chalky. Or the totally outrageous monster looks of Acheface.