Monday, February 22, 2010


Gasolin' was the "Worlds biggest band" in Scandinavia in the seventies. They had fans from age 3 to 103, and still have, even though they split up over 30 years ago.

Franz Beckerlee on guitar.

MP3 file of one of my faves: Good Time Charlie.

The one below was hot amongst my school pals back when, but it was a bit too rocky for me then. It was only as an adult that I came to appreciate hard rock.

They attempted to crack the US market, and did a couple songs in English...

This I'd not seen before: here they playing each other, in playback.

Gasolin' is so famous in Scandinavia that their first drummer, Bjørn Uglebjerg, is famous still today, even though he was replaced before their first LP came out! Here's a very early concert, before they started playing mainly in Danish.

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