Saturday, February 27, 2010

Duffy - Rain On Your Parade

Just a pop song, and I didn't even know her before, but look at those fake dimples! Ugly. It looks like they have tied fishing line to her cheeks from the inside.
If this trend continues, in 50 years nobody will remember how an actual human face looks. Already I see no comments about it on YouTube, I think very few notice.

Miserere joined in:
Wow, I thought you were joking, but then I Googled to this...
"The surgical procedure used to create dimples is, in itself, a fairly simple one and is commonly done on an outpatient basis. The procedure involves simulating the natural way a dimple is formed, by forming a connection between the skin and the cheek muscle, such that when the muscle contracts, it pulls the skin inwards to form a dimple."


Philocalist said...

OK, you've lost me on this one :-) You're saying her dimples are fake because ....?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Because it does not look like a human face.

Coilin MacLochlainn said...

She's had those dimples from the time of her first hit and before the style police got at her. Watch this clip from 2007:

I think she may have had a nose job since, and lips done maybe, but whatever she's had done has been very subtle. She is really a very fresh, very original singer with genuine natural talent and she cannot be compared to all the synthetic, airbrushed, corporate-created girl singers out there. So maybe just listen to her, you might actually like her. She won best new female singer in Britain some time ago.

KabelYaache said...

I think the cold got at you - or you were dropped on your head a few more times than originally documented.

Many models look like that - it's their faces that make the shot. Your fishing line joke is an insult.

Imagine if someone called you 'pumpkin' or 'cinderblock' because of the shape of your head...

OOps - too late.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Well. It might be processing of the video, I still think it looks weird.

Miserere said...

Wow, I thought you were joking, but then I Googled...

Duffy looks like Jennifer Garner.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"OOps - too late."
Good one.
I'll have to remember it. :-)

I should mention I graduated top of my class in Anatomy, one of my best subjects. Yes, these dimples are definitely fake. WAY unnatural.
Though I don't think they needed insert some wires in there. :-)
At this precise location, there is a small pad of fatty tissue, filling a triangular-shaped anatomical gap between the cheek's structural muscles and bones. It's called "Bichat's fat pad". She probably had it removed, by remote access liposuccion I suppose. (Stimulating the formation of fibrous adhesions between skin and undelying muscle afterwards is possible, I couldn't tell for sure.)
The -catastrophic- "goal": to have a "slim-looking face". But such creases are usually seen only on anorexics and starving people. Or in some elderly folks, when they start turning "all skin and bones".

And to think the tale's Emperor was ashamed to show himself in public naked. How can people exhibit some FACES? "Look at me, everyone, I'm fake!"

Old joke (yes, sadly, it's already old):
"I want to have plastic surgery, but I don't want it to show.
- Honey, that's the whole point! If it doesn't SHOW, it's not worth bothering with it."

Some men -did you know?- have themselves silicone implants to enhance their pecs. Me, I found it safer, and also cheaper, to purchase for my birthday an exercise machine.
Which both my parents regularly borrow! :-)
Very soon, getting reasonably fit (no need for extreme performances!) brings you an awesome sense of physical well-being. You literally FEEL yourself getting healthy... and this feeling is at the core of true beauty.

Both my parents, to be honest, are ordinary-looking. No movie star faces OR bodies. But in our former village, all our lady neighbors kept asking my same-aged Mom "how do you manage to stay so young-looking?" (Come on, quit flattering!) Oh so simple: a healthy life. And little to no make-up use at all. (These @#$%& cosmetics will make your skin addicted to them, soon you can't quit or you take on decades in a few weeks. Especially anti-wrinkle creams.) No boozing, no smoking, no pigging out... and no bilious gossiping!
The result today: I have little concern for their age expectancy. AND they do look quite nice for their age.
Myself even more so. (And I'm still single, ladies! ;-)

Duffy may indeed look a lot less fake than some, especially our national singing superstar "I'm a Barbie girl Haifa" (all Lebanese girls want "to have Haifa's nose done" on themselves). It's a rather good "job" on Duffy overall. But every time "it shows", it's still what I call a failure.
At least, Barbara Streisand can't be mistaken with 90% of today's female celebrities. She's her own woman.

Cosmetic surgery was always intended for fixing medically-defined abnormalities. Such as mutilations (face bitten by a bear/attack dog, mastectomy because of cancer, accidents...), or other conditions like the typical nasal septum deviation. Or facial malformations. Some blatant like cleft lip, some much less but very real as in some genetic syndromes. If you have an abnormally tiny jaw (micrognathism), it can, should, and in fact NEEDS to be fixed, because it causes you functional problems. Since infancy. Helping a face look more normal is always a praiseworthy endeavour.

[Time to crop? Already? (sigh) Oh, okay...]

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

["Honey, I'm home!"]

But TINKERING with what IS healthy, and normal, and therefore BEAUTIFUL by scientific definition, is little different from getting yourself an appetite-decreasing gastroplasty because the current fad in "beauty canons" is all wild about anorexic-slim poles. Do you have any idea how many fashion models commit suicide because the milieu's tyranny of "slimness" is a daily nightmare to them? No? Then use Google, fellas!
At a BMI of 18, they're declared "way too fat, lose weight or get lost, ya fat cow!" Even regular cocaine use isn't always enough to suffice in decreasing their appetite. It's most hard for me to find them the least bit sexy when all they inspire me is pity.

I think I've blogged about one such stupid fad in South Africa. In the "here and now", somebody has decreed a rule that "this looks beautiful".
Well, I say this is blasphemy against the perfection of God's design... and our normal instinct to find it most beautiful.
(Yes, the DESIGN is perfect. Maybe the actual models a bit less so. That's because they're self-maintenance, and rather erratic at it...)

You want to BE beautiful? More than you are now? Aim to be healthier, and nothing more.

The problem is, this "healthier" means both physically -let's not be hypocrites and deny it!- and MENTALLY. People will do "this" to themselves because they are simply suffering of a dramatic and pathological feeling of self-insecurity. So they change the wrapping to make what's inside artificially seem prettier. Poor Michael Jackson could never have found a face that satisfied him. Because the problem wasn't with the face, it was with what lied underneath it: his self-image!

You want to know why my own fetish about women is with the face? Because it displays what truly seduces me irresistibly: the soul, the personality, the true person. A fun, witty, intelligent, confident woman immediately attracts me powerfully. And these elements of beauty can only IMPROVE over the years, all the better!

Ladies, if you want to repel me immediately, here are two sure-fire tricks:
- Smoke. It makes you smelly, gives a raucous ugly voice (name me ONE soprano who smokes!), and will cause a most unhealthy-looking premature aging of the skin.
- Get your face surgically kneaded into something awfully fake, revealing how hollow you are inside. As a bonus, heavily abuse cosmetics so you'll soon look like Brigitte Bardot.
Do this, and I vow to never behave like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods or Bill Clinton with you. Cross and crescent on my heart. (Lebanon is bi-religious...)

I once saw a Popeye cartoon, where Olive wins the lottery, and decides to have herself "beautified" in a salon. She comes out with so much plastered make-up and the works, that she looks like a plastic doll (a true feat in a Popeye cartoon!!!). The instant Popeye sees her, he bursts into a fit of irresistible laughter, ROTFLMAO, ko-ko-ko! Olive's face goes so tall from the disappointment, that her whole make-up cracks like an egg shell under a steamroller, and falls into pieces. She takes off her curly BLONDE wig (remember what ORIGINALLY initiated "blonde jokes"? Fake blonde bimboes, not real and normal blondes!) and she starts crying rivers. Immediately, Popeye is at her side, soothing her, saying that she looks all beautiful again now that she's back to natural.

Who ever said cartoons weren't educational?
(Popeye also taught me something else that's very useful: ain't no problem so challenging that you can't resolve it with your fists. :-)

Anonymous said...

Look fat arse you've got no evidence that the girl has had anything done yet you're so smug you think you'll criticise her anyway.

Truth is the video has been stretched to make her look taller and thinner, like you get in a hall of mirrors. That's distorted her natural dimples. Obviously your pic was taken by the fat squat mirror


Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Hunh? You mean his avatar picture doesn't show this handsome devil's FACE but his butt?

Yo, Eo, nice ass you got there. I wish my mug looked that handsome!
Them maybe I wouldn't be a 40-year-old virgin who's never been kissed... (weeps silently in his stinking corner)

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