Thursday, February 25, 2010


Occasionally I could kill for some good licorice. Back in Denmark, every newsstand has lots of good licorice products, but it seems that dang UK has barely heard of it. You have to look long and hard for it, and then it's likely imported.

I forget to find and buy it though, because it's only on occasion that I have the craving. I don't know, there must be something in it which is a stimulant of a certain kind.

It's hard being me though, because I'm very picky. Or as I prefer to see it: discerning. :-)
It is actually only a couple of the products I miss. For some reason most of the popular products seem to be either salted licorice (weird idea) or very spicy licorice (also a bit weird, why do people want to feel like their skull is exploding?).


Alex said...

"One too many and you may turn Bertie!"

So they no longer have licorice in the UK?

Yeah, Bertie Bassetts Licorice Allsorts, I've found, are not good for people who like the dark salty licorice you get from the Netherlands or Australia.

Is there a local tobacconist or sweetshop with jars of loose sweets? Or in the market? You won't find what you're looking for in Sainsbury's ASDA or the CoOp.

Say, have you a German grocery store near by, like Lidl or Aldi? They probably have the stuff you want.

Bronislaus Janulis / Framewright said...


As long as you keep your excesses moderate, you'll be OK.

Unknown said...

Which kind of licorice though? I've eaten the root and also the black 'sticks' of licorice, as per licorice allsorts content, but in larger pieces


TC [Girl] said...

Yeah but...there ain't no kind of licorice like the Danish stuff! Eo's right; it's probably an aphrodisiac! lol! :-P

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Ah yes, the Aldi may have some.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bron, you genius. Another gem! I hope your kids didn't inherit your intellect.

dave nielsen said...

Have just looked it up on Wikipedia, it seems that what I've been calling licorice all these years isn't real licorice - the red kind. Apparently it's only the gross black kind that's true licorice. How people can eat that stuff, I don't know. Give me some Twizzlers any day! :)

Anonymous said...

Pontefract (Yorks) ẁas the big licorice scene in the UK aka P cakes. I believe these are still available and my wife occasionally buys licorice products on Bury market (which I believe is local to you).