Sunday, February 21, 2010

Church ceiling

[Thanks TCGirl]

Photo by Cynicole B.

And on quite the opposite end of the spectrum of tastefulness, TCG also found a short video of "the tightest pants ever".


Timo Lehtinen said...

A fun clip, TCG. Where did you get those pants? ;-)

Philocalist said...

What is it they say about 'beauty being in the eye of the beholder'? ;-)

TC [Girl] said...

ttl said...
"A fun clip, TCG. Where did you get those pants? ;-)"

Um...well...they're actually my spandex leggings...from 4th grade, ttl!! tee hee! See, I was thinking: "now, what should I wear, today, that shouts "SPRING IS COMING!" from the rooftops ('cuz, frankly, I'm just a tad SICK of the STACKS of SNOW, everywhere!)?!" and...I LOVE yellow SO MUCH (it reminds me of the daffodils that are blooming ALL OVER THE PLACE, right now! LOVE THEM!! :-); and...I turned around and saw these laying up on the top shelf of my closet (they've been sitting there in a see-through bag for over 2 DECADES; my GOSH how time just FLIES!!) and thought: "That's it! Those are what I want to wear, today, because they say "SPRING" better than anything else I have *ever* worn in my entire life!!"

And...then, when I got to the gas station, I noticed this dude looking at me funny and wondered if I had them on inside out or backwards (so I checked) and didn't see anything wrong with them. I mean...yeah...they were a little snug trying to wiggle into them, this morning; I guess I've gotten a few more pounds on me, since 4th grade, but...I don't know what the heck the dude was all FIXATED on 'em for!!

And...then I turn around, while I'm trying to gas up the car and the dude is all up in my ass...with a camcorder!! I asked him what he was doing and all I could see was him continuously wiping drool from his chin!! What is it w/men; haven't they seen an ASS, before?! So...I asked him to stop but...apparently, his mind had left this earth 'cuz there was no response, so I just turned and ignored him and continued on doing my business! Men! Why do they ALWAYS have to LOOK!!! PERVS!!

yours truly, TC

TC [Girl] said...

Philocalist said...
"What is it they say about 'beauty being in the eye of the beholder'? ;-)"

Yes...or...the "beholder"...of "boulders;" or...the "holder of boulders" in the case of the dude that enjoys that kind of thing! ;-)

I just had to watch the entire thing to see her move and...yes...her "cheeks" *do* seem to be just that! I was, first, thinking that she might have some kind of pads in there seems that she is actually wearing thong (aka "butt floss") underwear (where the hell is daylight, in here?! UGH!! lol!); but...I'm curious: has she had any sort of "enhancement" surgery to get those lookin' like that or...was she born w/them?! Either way, I don't think I would walk outta the house quite that, um, "pronounced" were they..."mine;" being distracted by "those" could cause SEVERAL accidents, methinks!!!!!! (just being practical, here!) :-(

Anna said...

Cynicole's pics are really cool.

Marcelo Metayer said...

Ja ja ja. This is funny. The clip was shot here, in Argentina, where every girl working in a gas station must wear these pants. Ok, not every girl, only the ones who serve the fuel. Anyway, she's got an amazing round ass.

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