Friday, June 03, 2011

Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections

For those in the UK, BBC2 is currently showing the second (I believe) series of Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections. (You can use catch-up TV if you have such, or try youboob.) It's a really entertaining show, and educational too, I really like it. Hammond chooses exceptional engineering feats from around the world, and show in what manners they are exceptional and show connections and demonstrations of the inventions which made it possible.

It may be a slightly Guilty Pleasure, because it's made a real Guy's Show with lots of things being blown up or destroyed in the name of demonstration, but hey, I can live with that.       :-)


Willis Drummond said...

I like Richard Hammond but that show is terrible. It's really an insult. It's about on par with Captain Slow's "Man Lab" where they do ridiculous Tim Allen Home Improvement type stunts which are just ridiculous and pointless. Unlike the Top Gear stunts which are usually a lot cooler and, in a way, just sort of evolve out of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Guys like Eolake probably wet themselves every time something gets crushed, smashed, or blown up on shows like that.