Tuesday, May 31, 2011

X100 feature / Red And Green

By the way, Fuji X100 has a kewl feature:
When you're using the optical viewfinder and take a picture, the *electronic* viewfinder kicks in for a second or two while the camera processes the picture, showing you an instant preview of the photo! This way you can see more or less if it's exposed right, whether the subject blinked during exposure, and such. Brilliant idea. (Admittedly it's hard to see in bright sunlight though.)
(The X100 is the first camera in the world to combine an optical and an electronic viewfinder in one.)


Anonymous said...

You are, hands down, the world's laziest photographer.

Anonymous said...


Two nice pics. I received my X100 about 3 weeks ago, and am delighted with the quality and colors that the camera produces. I just hope that Fuji engineers update the somewhat arcane software.

Anonymous said...

I think that must have been Eolake himself. No one else would praise those bad pictures. Maybe he could take something worthwhile if he got off his ass and left the apartment once in a while.

Timo Lehtinen said...

[...] if he got off his ass and left the apartment once in a while.

Come on, give the man a break! While the first pic just might represent judicious use of a telephoto lens, the second one is clearly shot outside his apartment. The staircase is a common space shared between all tenants in that section of the building. Geez!

If you think this is some kind of a travel photography blog, you are mistaken.

eolake said...

Wow, I wonder if this is what they mean when they say "damned by faint praise"? :-)
If not, thanks, dude!

OK, so currently I just shoot a few lazy pics on lazy walks. It's nice to know that there are still people willing to take the time to tear them to shreds when they don't measure up to to the Nat Geo yearly contest winners.

Not everything one does has to be immortal art, sometimes it's just a pleasant little hobby after all.

Dan Lottery said...

It would be okay to take shots inside your apartment building, or of things outside but still very near your apartment, but you're never to going to get any good shots that way, never going to have a chance of creating great art that way.

You live in England. You seem to make pretty good money. Other European nations are very close and you could travel to them easily. You could manage your website remotely, I'm sure, with a laptop and handy wifi.

Or at least travel a bit more within England.

No, it's not about a travel shots, but you'd be able to photograph more interesting people and/or places than can be found with walking distance of your apartment.

Timo Lehtinen said...

Another alternative would be to deliberately brand yourself as the World's Laziest Photographer. The only problem is that there would always be someone to challenge the title.

When Uncle Eki died, they discovered a roll of unprocessed film among his belongings. When processed it turned out to contain 24 shots of a man's penis (self POV). Now that's what I call lazy photography!

eolake said...

Dan, I can't argue with that.

eolake said...

Not only that, it's lazy pornography!