Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The censorNets

So I finally got the hotspot working on my iPhone. So I wanted to test it, and went to YouTube. But every video I tried suddenly turned into a 404 page. I've not yet found out what the heck that's about.
So I tested it on Domai, which is familiar and has large images, good to test a connection. But gosh-darn it, it seems that O2 or somebody not only has Domai listed as an adult site, but they need proof of age by credit card payment before they'll let you enter the site over their network!
That's bad enough, but after I'd proved myself and gotten written permission by text, I still can't connect over O2 to Domai, or Playboy, or Penthouse... I just get the O2 home page instead every time. It's just ridiculous. What is this kindergarten culture anyway? England used to be a tough country who would think nothing of sailing thousands of miles to rape and enslave dark folks in other countries, and now they can't even let anybody see a pair of titties? (Except of course on the counter in the newsstand where they're right up front.)

Access is restored now, Heff in all his glory is visible. It turns out the phone had to be rebooted after age-proof.

You know, I'm trying to imagine growing up in a world where adults are actually successful in blocking all views of nudity and sex for children. Imagine turning 18 never even having seen a boobie, and suddenly coming across a web site, I dunno, NoHolesBarred.com or BackDoorLezzies.com or LeatherAndWhips.com. Sounds unpleasant. I don't really get the thinking of "protecting".


Kent McManigal said...

Don't you know it's "for your own good"?

Caring nannies sit up nights worrying that someone, somewhere, might just be enjoying life. And thinking of ways to solve that tragedy.

danaigh said...

I think the culture (American) has moved the female body emphasis from breasts to butts. At least in the Northwest that seems so.

There are seas of little, medium and large behinds all clad in tight jeans wobbling & wiggling about. However the 50's sweater-girl is history.

Perhaps aggressive breast displays were just too much for us mere males to handle (ha ha).

Neil said...

It's not just about sex... I'm afraid the UK these days is full of paranoid and power hungry people (politicians, police, government, neighbours, etc.) who think it is their raison d'etre to tell you how you should live your life... big brother is alive and well and growing in power every day.

Which is why I moved to Mexico.

Love the site, keep up the good work!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks, Neil.

I heard about a Brit who married a girl in her home country. That was legal there, but she was just under the age of consent in UK, so the people there got so upset that they had her deported!

Philocalist said...

"I heard about a Brit who married a girl in her home country. That was legal there, but she was just under the age of consent in UK, so the people there got so upset that they had her deported!"

And the problem with that is what, exactly? Deportation would not have occured simply because she was not yet 16 years old. That said, perhaps it would, as she would be considered a 'minor' in the UK, and unable in the eyes of the law to be responsible for herself......
It's common, open knowledge that predatory paedophiles travel the planet looking for their 'victims', in countries where the laws on such things are more relaxed than in their own.
It's very simple isn't is? You live in the UK, you abide by UK laws. It's the same in any other country.

Being under the age of consent (for marriage) in the UK is also under the age for consensual sex, which by extension makes her 'husband' not only a paedophile, but a rapist too, by default.
Young people DO sometimes need the protection of older, wiser adults.

Would YOU publish on your site a girl under the age of (UK) consent? Have you?

I'm VERY much against the 'big brother' approach to life that seems to have crept into UK society, but sometimes, laws ARE there for a reason!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Sure, fair enough.