Saturday, June 04, 2011

Downcast app (updated again)

Just found Downcast, a cool app for iPad or iPhone, which bypasses the need to sync to Mac or PC, it just downloads subscribed podcasts directly (why hasn't Apple done this in iTunes for iPad?). Of course it can take a while with videocasts (especially since, like I've bitched about, downloads tend to be much slower on handheld devices for lord knows what reason), but the good news is that it can download in the background while you read your Instapaper articles and handle your email, or even eat dinner, it can suspend device lockdown while it downloads, and thus it'll keep your fave podcasts and videocasts updated in real time.

I've haven't used the app for very long yet, but so far I'm impressed. The search function is crystal clear, it's easy to find and select what you want. And it has some great features, for example four little buttons which let you skip various amounts of seconds back or forth in a podcast. This is a highly useful feature for podcasts, which I've been wanting on my iPod for years, it is not there because the iPod sadly was designed for music, not podcasts or audiobooks.

After  a couple of days I'm getting an issue, that the app won't play some of the videos it has downloaded, they just give a black screen. I've written the maker, we'll see if it can be solved. Too bad, for I really like the app.

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