Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lazy Color Pictures From June

All we want to be, you and me, is lazy. (This song still rules.)

Panasonic GH2 with 14-140mm. Both warmly recommended. High-quality, speedy, compact all-round kit. The GH2 is not cheap, but I think the new G3 will do as well. And the lens is the only really sharp 10x zoom lens I have ever tried, it's exceptional.

By the way, notice on the left side of the picture of the road and the shadow, there's a smudge, which looks like a smudge on the lens. Well, it is! I think that's the first time ever I have seen something on the lens being visible on a picture, but then this is the wide-angle setting and a very small aperture, so even a tiny smudge (half a pinky nail size) becomes visible. The other pictures are mostly on longer focal lengths and darker subjects ( meaning wider apertures), so it's not visible due to shallower depth of field.

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Anonymous said...

These are of the "zoom in on trivial details, it will look arty" school of thought beloved of talentless amateurs. If only they were also in black and white!