Thursday, June 02, 2011

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware. I hadn't heard of these guys before. Man, they have some cool things!  This is one of those rare things which make me really wish for a bigger place. (That's and a shorter spine. I really doubt I'd be comfortable in any of these one-size-fits-none chairs, sadly, at 6.4 and most of it in the spine.)

(You can get various versions of this chair, like with the cowhair parts either on the inside or on the outside. This is on the outside, with glove leather on the inside.)

OMG, I want an office like this.

What's funny is that their indoor furniture is so excellent and exciting, while their outdoor (wicker? Really?) section is so durn bourgeois.

Coffee table!


Bruce H. Johnson said...

My 20+ year colleague is an architect who changed careers 20+ years ago.

Nevertheless, he's kept his license and is remodelling his house.

I see LOTS of boxes around with "Restoration Hardware" setting around ready to be installed.

Gives me pause to think if he's he expert, I'd sure take a look at his vendors.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I guess he's well off too, if he has lots of boxes, for they are not exactly IKEA when it comes to prices.

Philocalist said...

Each to their own, I guess, but IMHO this is some of the most butt-ugly furniture I've ever seen ... looking at it, the only thing that comes to mind are those nasty stainless steel toilets that you see installed in public washrooms where there has been a long history of damage.
Could work well in a nuclear fallout shelter, I guess?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

OK, to be honest, the alu-clad leather chair is rather, uh, specialized. But still in the place and such, for example the alu coffee table, I could have for sure.