Thursday, June 23, 2011


JK Rowling opens her own site, Pottermore,  for gaming (of some sort), audiobooks, and ebooks.
Probably smart. Somebody of her unique stature doesn't need to deal with Apple's and Amazon's bureaucracy, nor to pay their 30%. They don't add anything to justify that, she brings the customers now, not the other way around.

BTW, there are also authors of far, far lesser stature who say that they earn much more by *not* selling on amazon, due to Amazon's habitual discounts eating up the author's profits.


Anonymous said...

My god that bitch's greed is insatiable!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Well, heck, would you be satisfied with a pityful one billion dollars? It's a strange person what would, and I often said to her, "Jo," I said, "you have to look out for number one. You care too much about the world and caring for your fans, you have to think about how to get the next ten billion for a rainy day, and then the next ten."