Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blade Runner - Kim Wilde

I'm a little amazed to find a couple of versions of this on youboobs, since when I tried to find the CD Teases And Dares (or any other versions including online) a couple of years ago, it couldn't be found for love nor money. Finally I found one and paid through the nose to a guy in Shanghai or some place. But since then it seems Kim Wilde has had a renaissance, now all her CDs are on Amazon. I'm happy for her, and I hope it's giving her some income these days, because I thought she was very good pop music.
(I say "hope" because some musicians are lucky and get a steady little or big income on old work if it sells, but others (Janis Ian for example) don't see a dime from continued sales, it all goes to the label.)


Anonymous said...

Kim Wilde is having more incomes$ these days then any other Female 80's popstars i know, she is signed with Sony Germany released hit album Come out & Play, she does at least 30-40 live shows a year and draws minimum 10,000 people.
The only bad thing is mainly in Germany -Holland -France
PS: Kim just announce she is releasing new album "Snapshots" all Cover versions...inspired by her # 1 hit You Keep me hangin on

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thank you. Nice.

I looked up the video for hit You Keep me hangin on. She looks good for fifty. (Sure, make-up and light, but still.

Still sounds like the KW we know.