Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lytro camera "revolution"?

Lytro is one of the the new type of cameras they have been promising us: which can capture light in much more complex and intelligent ways, so that you can change focus and perspective after the shot is taken. We don't know how close it is to commercial viability, but it seems promising. Not a lot of solid data here, like photos of prototypes, so surely not this year.


emptyspaces said...

It looks interesting...but will its target market feel like dealing with the software it requires? Feels more like a "scene mode" than a revolution to me. But as you point out, it's not a testable product yet.

Alex said...

They are working on a release for next Christmas. It looks interesting technology, but I wasn't overly sold on the whole concept. Their philosophy seemed to be about enabling the viewer of the photo to get more information from the picture, and was less about the actual photographer.

Alex said...

Oh - they have their new website up.