Sunday, June 26, 2011

Short good videos

[Thanks to Kirk.]

Cat directs human. Don't have hands? Use your human's.

How to chop wood without messing around. (Clever and skillful.)

Girl shreds (on) guitar. Juliette Valduries. She can move dem sawsiges.

A short experiment with perspective.

Hungry bunny. Just a bunny chewing.

Big brother and little brother dancing. Dey can move dem feet.

Kitten vs. A Scary Thing.

Movable walls in small Hong Kong apartment

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At 27 Jun 2011, 10:36:00, Blogger TC [Girl] said...

Here's more of Juliette. was the tiny apartment!

At 27 Jun 2011, 20:38:00, Blogger emptyspaces said...

I find the bunny chewing oddly hypnotic.

And does that chick ever rock! I love how she is very nonchalant while tearing up "Bark at the Moon."

At 28 Jun 2011, 06:59:00, Blogger TC [Girl] said...

emptyspaces said...
"I find the bunny chewing oddly hypnotic."

I thought it was pretty cute! We have a couple and I always think it's so funny to hear their quiet munching on a carrot but...seeing the function of its little cute mouth and tongue that "up close and personal" was very funny! I was trying to figure out what it was eating, since I didn't see anything in the bowl. :-D

"And does that chick ever rock! I love how she is very nonchalant while tearing up "Bark at the Moon.""

I know. I was thinking the same; like she's totally BORED out of her gourd playing it! lol! Too bad she didn't compose something that really challenges her to show everyone! :-)

At 28 Jun 2011, 11:35:00, Blogger eolake said...

It's very hard to show good stage manners sitting on your sofa alone. So most choose blasé.

Such a guitar should be in a band though.


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