Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The poster child for Internet stupidity?

The poster child for Internet stupidity?, article.

OK, I'm the first guy to say that people are over-sensitive these days, and that the law system is messed up. Still, that's a f***ing dumb thing to write on your facebook page.
And yet... years of battle with the legal system for one sentence on a web page? That's not just dumb, that's organized stupidity, so I guess that's worse.       :-)


emptyspaces said...

Someone I know recently posted that he woke up to find the front door open, and his 3-year-old daughter had wandered three blocks away, and was being cared for by a "nice lady." I'm surprised Social Services didn't descend upon him.

I swear, I'm not that old but I don't get why people post what they do on Facebook. Or why congressmen post pictures of their dicks on Twitter. What the hell is wrong with everyone?

Anonymous said...

One of his Facebook friends saw the post and reported him to the police.

Some friend. How could he have thought this guy was serious?

Anna said...

This is scary.

It does change a lot of things. The meaning of "friend" :).

The value of deeds. This is a disabled veteran, man! I am quite against war, but this man has sacrificed his health for his country, and this is how he is treated???!!!

I really don't get it. It's like a bad, unrealistic scenario.

Is there any film made on this kind of crazy stuff? I just remember a scene in one of Michael Moore's films...

And how amazing is this guy. He does not want to sue the city. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

And how amazing is this guy. He does not want to sue the city. Amazing.

Why is that amazing? He should want to. You can't say he doesn't deserve compensation for something like that. Plus it's about helping the next poor schlub this happens to - after all, organizations like that don't have a conscience. The only way to hurt them, and to make them understand consequences, is in the wallet.

dave_at_efi said...

New York City took a hit in the pocketbook, just by continuing the case. All those offers of plea bargain cost them lawyer time, DA time, detective time.

Then the judge, when it went to trial, said, "Wake up! There is nothing there!"

Suing them wouldn't make it any better a lesson.

P.S. My "word verification" is "moted", which about sums up the case against this guy: made into a mote.

Anonymous said...

Even if they've already been hit in the pocketbook, the publicity and the precedent that would be established would make suing worthwhile.