Friday, March 12, 2010

Scary contact page

It seems that this gentleman is rather tired of people attacking him.

He wrote an interesting article about the problems of ebook formatting. Seems the problems are bigger than the publishing industry is aware of. The author advocates HTML as the basic language for manuscripts instead of MS Word.
I was sort of hoping that Word and other word processors would know how to format at least a basic novel into pretty good HTML. Was this too optimistic?
I'm not being sarcastic. I've not used Word in many years. But it seems that basic stuff like Bold and Italics and Center should not be too hard to get right when exporting as HTML?

By the way, why can't the Kindle read ePub? (which is actually HTML) That's really lame. That's like making a web browser which does not recognize a JPG file.

Apropos... the ecological case for ebooks.


Bert said...

It seems that this gentleman is rather tired of people attacking him.

It also seems he's quite an asshole.

ttl said...

I wouldn't dare contacting him, but he did write an excellent article. Thank you, Eo, that was very useful.

It is becoming increasingly clear that ePub will be the most important text file format since HTML.

It seems that my heavy investment in XHTML, including using it exclusively for the last 10 years, and writing my own preprocessor for it, is now paying off in ways I didn't even expect.

All set for total world domination. :-)

Tommy said...

EO, Word can save files in HTML format. I just did it and it worked just fine.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

This post may have just done me a big favor. So thank you, Eolake.

That ecology artile made me raise an eyebrow. At the very top of it, is a photo of "A paper mill in Sumatra". Just this Friday, I saw a big documentary that was probably about the very same one!
The company is APP, and it's pretty much obvious that they're indiscriminately cutting down protected forest, ravaging it all, simply because the wood there is free, therefore even cheaper than the one from their alibi plantations. Just the way they treat reporters is more than enough of a confession. "I owe my soul to the Company Store"...

All set for total world domination. :-)

Don't you mean WORD domination? ;-)

eolake said...

A favor?

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Remember that still unpublished novel I mentioned in my last published newsletter?
I started writing it in HTML, and was having second thoughts as to the adequacy of that format...
And, of course, it's not really a brief novella. You know me! :-)
So, much pointless work saved there, PLUS now I know I've got a very good asset considering the future of publishing.

Sextus Empiricus said...

"Who owns your E-mail?
I have an ownership in whatever you send me. Correspondence is the property of the recipient even if the sender also has a copy. Under any circumstances I feel warranted, I can and will publish your E-mail."
--Joe Clark

If the legislation was that clear cut it would be a first, anytime, anywhere. I try to avoid absolute statements, but feel safe with that one.

Joe the Lawyer? I think not.

eolake said...

Interesting data, thanks.