Thursday, March 11, 2010


The keen reader will remember how I was recently lamenting the sorry state of licorice availability in the UK, compared to Denmark (in DK it's called "lakrids", typically phonetically similar, but very different spelling). Well, enter the hero, my big sister (though a head shorter than me), she scoured town for the best licorice candy for me, I think all of it sugar-free.
Supposedly less bad for the teeth and certainly the waistline because of no sugar, you really get your money's worth with this sh... stuff. Most of these varieties have a very intense and strong taste, and it seems that it takes me at least ten minutes to consume two thumbnail-sized bits of it. You can't say this about most candy!


ttl said...

Looks like she sent you some more cameras too, yeah? Or maybe you just like to keep your cameras and lakritsi together. (Couldn't blame you there.)

eolake said...

Those just happened to be on the desk, and seeing as how I often get more comments on things which just happen to be in the picture, I included them. :-)

jeture said...

Licorice is listed among "Other medications" in a list of "Drugs that may cause impotence". Just saying.