Monday, March 08, 2010

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass

[Thanks Tommy]
OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version

But it isn't really a Rube Goldberg, I think. I've not been able to find many of Rube's original drawings, but I understand that it's a machine, in other words, the hardware fits together in a unit, not just a room, and it does a task. Whereas this sort of video, popular in recent years, is more like a scattered number of things happening in a long chain reaction. I don't know if there's a word for this thing.


dave nielsen said...

You can find a few through Google searching only images. Not many though. You probably already tried that.

Esri Rose said...

Boy, I wish we could see how they did the camera work. I also wish I could hear the lyrics better. I like OK GO, but this song isn't doing much for me.

eolake said...

Yes. I'm wondering how many cuts they did.

Tommy said...

EO - "I'm wondering how many cuts they did."

While watching it, right after the hammer smashes into the TV screen the scene move on and in the background are a number of smashed tv's. I would bet they did it quite a few times. Also, the paint on the actors is a clue...

I wonder as well, if this is a true Rube Goldberg..

Miserere said...

I ****ing LOVE OK Go! Their songs aren't the best (still very good) but their attitude is plain brilliant. Refreshing is maybe a better word. They exemplify "fun", the antithesis of rap artists or drug-fuelled rock'n'roll.

This particular song is a favourite of mine, and I play it many mornings while getting dressed to put myself in a good mood. I prefer this other version (also with a fun video):

As for the current video, not only did they get the whole chain reaction organised, they had it performing to the beat of the song (those bottles being played were golden), and they included many references to past videos of theirs. If anyone wants to spend a fun hour, watch their old videos on YouTube (they're all highly original) and then rewatch the chain reaction. How many references can you catch?

I'll shut up now.