Thursday, March 11, 2010

Made in Taiwan

Does anybody know why so many, many products always have the country of origin stamped on them? I mean, if somebody were to ask me which single datum would be most useful to stamp on everything, I doubt "country" would be in the top ten.

Dibutil Ftalat said:
This is required by international trade treaties.

Ah, there you are. I have a feeling there had to be something like that behind something so universal.


Alex said...

I can see wanting to promote your country, showing it's level of capability.

Made in Japan used to seem like a warning label when I was a kid. Made in England or Made in Britain was a label of pride.

There are political decisions made in some buying, people who want a "British Car" or "American Car", a lot of people get fooled especially with re-badged car and off shore production. Like all those "American" cars which are made in Canada or Mexico, and all those GM's which are really Isuzu, Suzuki or Toyota, or even Opels rebadged as Cadillacs etc.

I know my car had some political influence on my purchase, it was assembled locally, I like supporting local, however, would you buy a US designed car? I wanted a Toyota. Luckily that was an option.

Dibutil Ftalat said...

This is required by international trade treaties.

On one hand this is promotion of the foreign country (see how many great things are made in the Great China!), on the other - demotion (see? This is proudly made in the U.S.A., not in some third-world country, this is a real quality, buy this product, not from Japan!).

The balance wins. The only thing in my house (excluding second-hand German lenses) which is made not in China or Taiwan is Sony Reader, it is unrepairably broken now...

McGillicuddy said...

It's good to know where a product is made. Quality was previously associated with Germany, and a few other countries.

I personally look down on anything labeled CHINA. Not because of the people, but because of the low to zero standards. Radioactive metals, contaminated cloth and coatings, and so on.

Made in the UK is fine, for things like cookies and biscuits. Anything technical and engineering wise that comes from the UK is a disaster. Jaguars spend 50% of their life in the shop, as did Triumphs. Any retard would know NOT to use aluminium as a base for an engine block.

They just didn't make or launch enough V2's back then, did they?

Bert said...

This can lead to funny situations sometimes. I have a chip carrier here (plastic tray holding electronic components) stamped with the following: "Manufactured in one of the following countries: Taiwan, Philippines [...long long list...] India, Malaysia, Indonesia. Exact country of origin unknown." :D

eolake said...

WTF!!? :-)