Friday, February 19, 2010

tOP in big time

I would like to congratulate my friend Mike Johnston for getting an ad from Pentax on his justly famous blog The Online Photographer. This might signal that the blog now is in the Big Time, and rightly so, I don't know of any one better, or even roughly as good.

I also think Pentax will be pleased with the ad. The readership on tOP is very discerning, the very type of people who will appreciate the strengths of the Pentax system, such as their compact high-quality prime lenses (like the amazing 70-mm lens) and in-camera image stabilization, both features sadly missing from Canon and Nikon's cameras.

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emptyspaces said...

That's one of my favorite blogs. I really enjoy Mike's thoughts on a range of topics. And the discourse in the comment fields is always civil and usually well thought out. I've learned a good deal about photography from reading that site, and I always recommend it to those who are serious about photography.