Monday, February 15, 2010

Rap parody

[Thanks to Illustro]
I guess this song is best described as a dumb white dude trying to do the Gangsta Rap thing, only he is even dumber than those songs. And yes, it's extremely sexist and stupid, but it's a parody. I'm not sure it's all that funny, but it may have some kind of point.

He's made some good songs (also parodies) too:

[Thanks to Illustro]


TC [Girl] said...

AMAZING! He's had more views and ratings than I can remember ever having seen on a uboob ever before! Interesting what attracts people!! I could see Will Ferrell pulling something like this off, successfully! lol!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I didn't even notice that. Man, 25 million viewings! I'd not have predicted it.

TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
"I'd not have predicted it."

I know. Weird!

Michael said...

I bet if you changed one word and had a real Gangsta "sing" you could sell millions of copies. Maybe even T-shirts.

Datamancer said...
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Anonymous said...

His whole shtick is lampooning the music industry and its excesses. Two other raps that come to mind are, "Everyday Normal Guy" where, as the title suggests, he plays a normal jerk off who raps about how pathetic he is. He did two follow ups with the last one being a parody of the "rap crew" made up entirely of pathetic people. The first is still the best:

If you're looking for something funny in a conventional sense, he's got another rap called the "WTF Collective" which tears into all those crappy rap collaborations you might hear on the radio:

And he doesn't just do rap. In fact his parody of pop music is probably my personal favorite because when I was growing up you couldn't go anywhere without hearing some crappy Backstreet Boys ripoff sing about how much they wanted to get laid under the guise of romantic music:

I'm surprised the fact that he's got millions of views threw you off. In an age where something simple like a dog jumping at a light on the wall can get thousands of hits it's no surprise that a crappy song like "Show Me Your Genitals" would be a big hit. I'm not gonna sugar coat it: the song is utter crap but from my perspective that's what makes it so funny. In another song he does using the same character he calls himself the "Shakespeare of gigantic cock" and it makes me wonder if that's what all those bigshot rappers are really like when you strip away the glamor.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

They probably are.

I'm sure the song is meant to be bad. And it does work.

I think the other two you linked to are better, not the least as music.