Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amanda on the Oscars

Read Amanda Palmer's cutely snarky description of how it was to go to the Oscars, including being shunted off by a woman journalist who said they were only talking to "the real talent".
political wars going on to our left and right as the tables were filled with industry brass and agents who were all pulling for their shows to win. it was like a giant, well-organized junior high school cafeteria, with the super-popular kids sitting in the tables closest to the stage.

I hear that. I like many Hollywood movies, but the huge, intensive popularity contest mentality of the whole place is childish and sick. And probably incredibly seductive if you live there, and even more if you work in the industry.

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Anonymous said...

"...cutely snarky"? OK, if you say so. I thought it was over long, gushing, and the most boring piece I have read all year. Still, it's only February, so there is time yet.