Thursday, February 18, 2010


[Thanks Stephen]

Floating office. For fun or in case Al Gore was right.

Floating Office
For Business Users...
  • Your own floating office would be an inspirational place to work in and give you:
  • a compact design giving enough space for one or two people to work in comfort
  • a "private" working area (i.e. not overlooked by the neighbours!)
  • a "breakout" area (perhaps for small meetings, meals etc.)
  • an external sun deck
  • a kitchenette
  • a pull-out berth (for occasional overnight stays)
  • plenty of storage space


Alex said...

So mooring fees are cheaper than office rental?

May be a bit to wide for the Shropshire Union too.

TC [Girl] said...

Alright...initially, I thought this was WAY COOL (so COOL, in fact, that I was going to write that I was adding it to my Christmas list, for next Christmas!)...until I looked closer. I mean...who designed this USELESS piece of CRAP?! (lol! ;-) Am I the only one to notice that this POC (see above) doesn't have...a fucking toilet...not to mention a shower?! Who the HELL is going to wanna come stay, overnight, huh?! Oh yeah, right. I forgot: they can just take a jump...into the fucking frigid waters of the UK in the fucking middle of the winter for that REFRESHING shower, after a LONG DAY at work! Not!

And...what about if I need to pee?! Yes, I know...the gentlemen have it made (as do the ladies who happen to be walking by, on the durn dock!! ;-): just go outside and..."hang out"!! GREAT!!

So...again; I ask you: what about...the ladies, huh, JOKERS?! Squat and aim high (lol!) or just stand and do the man thing? Pissing contests, anyone?! ;-D

Oh...I know: bring along a port-o-potty for that "small meeting"!! Yeah! That's it!! I'm sure that'll be a REAL HIT...especially when one of the dudes needs to go #2!! And...I suppose it will fit real nicely in "the storage space"...unless this is to be a "group activity"!!!

Oh boy! I'd make a sexist comment, here, but...I think EVERYONE will agree that...the TEAM who designed this fucker must have had *their* "collective" heads up their asses!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK w/this design!! Perhaps they'll just design an "accessory" 'Floating Port-o-Potty Companion' that can be attached to the side! (eyes rolling)

Michael Burton said...

I've always been short on the vision thing... I don't see any value to this thing at all.