Thursday, January 14, 2010

DPreview and the filth

The famous DPreview site tells about their run-ins with the valiant UK police (lovingly called "the filth" by your gentle cockneys), motto: "we will not rest until we have harassed every single amateur and professional photographer in the country in the name of national security".
This is the form we were given after being stopped while taking some sample images of City Hall on the More London estate. [...]
The pointlessness of the exercise becomes obvious when you type ‘City Hall’ and ‘London’ into the web’s favourite search engine. The image search yields 1,330,000 results, most of them showing the building’s exterior and interior, from all conceivable angles, in all sizes and resolutions.

Interesting development:
... the Section 44 stop-and-search powers have been ruled illegal by the European court of Human Rights.

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