Saturday, March 07, 2009

Tim Leary

An odd Timothy Leary site.

There seems to be a universal conspiracy to get me to tune in (I dropped out long ago.)

... Actually he died over a decade ago, so I'm not sure what the point of the site is, since it can't be a web cam.

Christ, how do some people manage such ridiculously melodramatic lives?
President Nixon labeled Tim "the most dangerous man in America." Jaysus! I've never used drugs in my life, but it gives one pause to think why is the establishment so intensely afraid of a guy who is a proponent of pot and LSD, both drugs far less harmful than either tobacco or alcohol. Some claim the latter helps one go beyond the Ego, so perhaps it's really the ego's fear we see.

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Sukiho said...

Timothy Leary's idea was that you can get inside the mind and reprogram it, his books fascinated me, I guess society fears it because we are more or less an ant colony, if the workers dont go to the factory everyday and the soldiers dont mindlessly shoot who they are told to shoot things might fall apart a little