Saturday, January 24, 2009

Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve

Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 1 of 5)
This is surely relevant to almost any country on the planet.
There's apparently expanded versions.
... These days I am not sure what to think of conspiracy theories. I think it's healthy to face the evil in the world, but I also think it's faulty to see evil "out there". Everything comes from "in here".


Anonymous said...

There's also a problem with making evil up. The problem with conspiracy theories is that they throw so much trash into the mix that it's hard to discern truth from fanaticism.

Anonymous said...

Whatever we experience about the "outer world" through our senses, is mirrored into our "inner world" - but it is "virtual reality", in no aspect distinguishable from a dream => "dream world" (maya).

Whatever we think to "know" is simply like a map to navigate in this world - more or less "successful", which depends mainly on three aspects (of course, there are more possibilities to create a map about this):

- on some biological directives (of being in a male/female body living in this world),
- on experiencing some constancy and rules about how the "world out there" is functioning => scientific theories (remember I'm physicist), and
- on personal values and beliefs, which are mostly arbitrary (and changing over time), mainly to avoid with all one's strength the dark abyss of nothingness => to feed the ego in order to avoid this very basic fear of everybody.

Anyway, we CAN'T know what "reality" really is, except the fact "I am" (and the "I" is simply needed because of language) => The only truth we know is "Am-ness", and nothing more. And this is the starting point of any spiritual journey.

Thats my insight - try to find your own.

"I think it's healthy to face the evil in the world ..."

Basically a good map to survive in this world.

"... but I also think it's faulty to see evil "out there". Everything comes from "in here".

Basically a good map for any "spiritual seeker".

Conspiracy theories:
In my view more like a caricature than like a detailed map, sometimes useful to clarify a certain set of "facts" and their inner context (seen from a specific point of view), sometimes too much exaggerated with no much practical usefulness.

Basically I think there is no conscious conspiracy, but there are results from a summarized network of many ego-stupidities ...

"Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity. But about the first one I'm not sure ..."
(Albert Einstein)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, they go so far overboard that you get embarrassed to even associate with it.

Neeraj's theory sounds sound too.

Anonymous said...

History is merely a chronicle of conspiracies, successful and unsuccessful, as recounted, edited, and fictionalized for the benefit of the successful conspirators. The greatest believers in conspiracies are the governments. They criminalize huge numbers of conspiracies that they are not complicit in or benefit them. You may look up the number of people in your countries that are sitting in prisons for conspiracy. Police Detectives and government intelligence agents are professional conspiracy theorist.

This movie for the most part accurately describes the fraudulent monetary system but in the conclusion posits that the solution is One World Government, which is the greatest conspiracy of them all.

When the government becomes a tyranny under a One World Government (New World Order) where will you go to seek asylum?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

"but in the conclusion posits that the solution is One World Government"

Does it really? That is normally the greatest fear of conspiracy theorists. (And I tend to agree. I think de-centralization is the way to go.)